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First Quarter 2023

Pacific House Family


When I think about the PH Fam, I cannot but help think about how they brought me back to myself. This project, and the first I hope of many I will create, is an ode to them. Their account of the memories that we all had together, a miasma of chaos, laughter and the inevitable shed of a tear. We are our own nomenclature of people. I cannot wait to hug each and every one of you again one day, and until we meet again, as we should, I wish only but happiness for you. In the meantime, whoever is together, the others will always rest in FOMO. Bring on September babes. Thank you, For the Mems. 

My favourite moment of being at Pacific House was when we all went to Watson's Bay Lighthouse to have a picnic and watch the sunset. It was the time I realised how special Sydney is and how special every person I have met there is. I am going to always remember everyone and have made more family, not friends.  

Too many amazing memories, it feels impossible to pick just one! Maybe that is the point. The lost days when productive aspirations were destroyed by the FOMO of missing out on sitting on a sofa doing nothing. Getting a tattoo on the left side of my chest because "it is close to the heart". Waiving home from my shift at Caroline's bar only to be turned around by a group of alcoholics saying "Just 1 drink". And those are just a few. <3. 

I have so many beautiful memories of PH. Many of those are from the East Sydney Hotel. Sunset at Watson's Bay was particularly gorgeous. Pancake day was another - thanks for the GF pancakes Em. Cheese and Wine nights, coffees at the café. I especially loved seeing sunrise at Circular Quay with you and Irish Sophie and we had a cracking day at Palm Beach! Also that hilarious man giving the announcements on the train was an unforgettable moment. Just generally spending all my days with you and the Pacific Fam has been joyous. <3 xxx

Favourite hostel memory: World Pride. So much fun going to the parade and jumping the fence so we could get a good view. And dancing with the police officer. Then when we got back we had a mini party in the kitchen. It was my first thing I did with you all and loved it! Everyone has been so lovely and supportive of each other, it is such a great feeling to be a part of a lovely group. xxx

Favourite memory: Either just being in the TV Room with everyone like a family, the Twilight marathon, or everyone smoking together. OR...

Wine and Cheeeeeese!

The night in Stonewall where everyone's vibe was so elite and loving each other. This place, these people, this is my home. I love you all so deeply. I will miss you all more than I currently realise. <3

A List:

Sunset at Watson's Bay

Drinks at Caroline's Bar

When I played my music at the café for everyone.

Party in the Lift.

Dear Emma, 

my favourite memory here in Sydney was definitely going to see the sunset all together in Watson's Bay. In that moment I think we all started to feel like a family and that was the beginning of all the beautiful memories we all made together. Such as looking at the pictures, wine and cheese, long night talks and so on. This place will forever be HOME. 

Going to the lighthouse to see the sunset with everyone. 

I can't choose between 4 memories that made me feel like a had a true family here:

The sunset at Watson's Bay, obviously, where I think we officially met! This night where we watched movies all together (when Abbie was funny drunk haha), that felt special, and everyone kept coming into the lounge room. Then the evenings at Caroline's bar, and finally our night out at Bungalow's, just before we left with Flavie. I loved it because we were all happy and dancing like nothing else mattered! 

I'll never forget, thank you. <3.

Spending nights with my new best friends watching dumb movies in the TV Room. Or the pendulum moment with Emma OMG. Or the lighthouse afternoon. These memories taught me that home is not where you live or where you rest your head. Home is actually where you make great memories. Thank you for being my home Emma. <3. 

One of my favourite rogue/ unhinged memories has to be Oualys giving us his favourite BJ tutorials in the middle of the kitchen. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I also really enjoyed my first night out here where everyone went to Bungalow and had a lot of fun :). But most of all is just all the time that I spent with these amazing people. <3.

Where the fuck do I start? 

So I'll jot down a few memories as in 3 weeks we managed to make a lot & I loved every minute! 

Mardi Fucking Gras! Pres, running to the free party bus and dancing like idiots on it until realising that we were going around in circles and not towards the parade- THEN jumping the fence like you did as an absolute machine and having front row seats while all the stupid fuckers paid, & YOUR BDAY singing and dancing in the hostel kitchen. Days in the hostel, coffee dates. You, Ash and I having brekkie, Physical 100 laughs with the Leeds boys. Laughing at Chicken doing & saying the most rogue shit, saying "Shit Man" after Fin all the time. Thank you for always being there for me, to drink with, listen to my shit and caught with me. Will miss you and see you VERY soon. LOVE YOU. <3. 

Favourite hostel memory: Mardi Gras week: 

We had a lot of fun, went to the parade and drink a lot. Everyone was fucked and we were close to each other. It made me feel love for the first time. Home is where your heart is. <3.

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