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July 2022

Louise and Mikey's Wedding


On an unanticipated trip home last year, I managed to arrive just in time for this wedding. I shot with my two best mates that day; Hannah and Emily. We prepared weeks in advance, trying to get the correct lighting, settings and even went so far as to discuss how we would work around one another (primarily to not get in one another's way, or accidentally end up in a shot). I'll admit, I didn't feel as if I had my heart in it that day, but looking back on the photos now, I see that the act of photography brought me out of my head, and into the celebration. A couple whom we have a close relation to, and I'm certain we will continue to in the future. I wish Mikey and Louise all the happiness in the world, and thank you for letting me capture a glimpse of your love. And to Evie: stay crazy darling. 

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