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July 2021

Paige and Joe's Wedding


The first ever wedding I had the utmost pleasure in photographing. Again, this was a team Hannah and Emma exposé. I remember this day vividly, the English sun had the grace to join us that day, and was one of the hottest days recorded that year, it was bliss. What made this day so special is that this was the first Summer out of lockdown, and the last lockdown ever. We were free, and I think that this day in particular, it reigned true. It was serendipitous, and if we could go back in time to do it any better, I don't think we could. Thank you, Paige and Joe, for this day, for choosing us to host your wedding, and for being the best neighbours any pub could ask for. And for giving Han and I the chance to document such a special day. And to the latest addition: Bobby. Mate, you're in for one helluva  life in this valley, and we can't wait to watch you grow. 

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