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It's All About the People


Album No.1

Pacific House Family

Album No.2

Louise and Mikey's Wedding

Album No.3

Joe and Paige's Wedding


And welcome to my website. I'm Emma, part British, part South African, and with a dash of Zambian too. This website serves to showcase my photography over the years, and is a mix of a blog and portfolio of my work, as well as a way to show you who I am, and see what I see from behind the lens. You'll notice that I prefer taking candid shots, and mostly of people, I'll explain why:

My family have a motto: It's all about the people. People are the epitome of life, and we have the privilege of bringing joy to one another, and being able to feel what others feel, and I hope to relay these feelings, pictured the second they're felt, within my photography. If you are captured by my work, please feel free to contact me if you would like to hire me as your photographer, I'd be delighted to have the honour. Thank you. 


Emma van Vuuren

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Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

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+61 457 217 715

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